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This is an overnight installation of 100 helium balloons floating alongside one of the many alpine lakes bordering the Denali Highway.  The morning after the balloons were installed, obscured by the high road embankment, my wife Sveta and I were listening to the sound of passing vehicles, first driving by, then stopping and backing up, followed by people getting out, taking photographs, hopping back in, shutting the car doors and moving on with almost rhythmic predictability.  Had it not been for the rather generic supermarket balloons, adorning (or invading?) this magnificent spot, our impressionable spectators would  drive right through, perhaps on the lookout for a “Scenic View,” so marked by someone else to designate the section of landscape that warrants a pause and enjoyment.  Spoiled by the splendor of the Alaska’s roadside vistas, Sveta and I thought that had it not been for the project’s intention we would have probably acted the same way.  


©Igor Pasternak