20 MIN OF FAME    

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    During the two weeks that this installation was presented at the American University Katzen Museum in Washington DC, the exhibition visitors (some working individually, others in groups) contributed over 100 Polaroid images of the collages they created with the help of scrap fabric and the reverse side of the electric fans, programmed to spin for 20 minutes.  A few participants opted to turn the images into personal mementos, taking the Polaroid picture with them.  Some put themselves in the photo they contributed to the show.  Some autographed the image that they pinned to the designated space on the gallery wall, while others chose to exhibit anonymously.  Perhaps there were some collage creators who did not take pictures at all.
    At the heart of this project are the most basic and the inherently complex questions, foundational to our relationship with the surrounding world.  What is art? Where is its place? Who is an artist? How do we cope with the inevitable temporality of the things we create, care about, and wish to share or preserve? 













©Igor Pasternak